▶ Featured Artist: The K3 Sisters Band



What do the Jonas Brothers, Hanson, and HAIM have in common? Is it their close-knit sibling bond? The ability to play multiple instruments beautifully? What about harmonious vocals? In the case of The K3 Sisters Band, it’s all of the above. Our Featured Artist Friday has taken a page right out of the book on successful family bands, but have still paved their own way. Kaelyn, Kelsey, and Kristen are spectacular musicians (12 albums in 12 years!), quirky Internet personalities (1.9 millions followers on TikTok!), and adorable sisters (They’re each others’ best friends!). With a new record out, a lot to say about being authentic artists, and a passion for what they’ve spent their young lives doing, The K3 Sisters Band are well on their way to stardom. Music Daily is proud to have them not only for this Featured Artist Friday, but to kick-off K-3 Day Weekend.



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