Half• alive Is Fully Awake On New Single

half alive

A Daring New Era “The tuxedo era has begun. Welcome to it,” Half• alive boldly stated on Instagram just before dropping their new single, “What’s Wrong,” last week. “People often make up their minds pretty quickly about an artist’s sophomore release solely based off the first single. So it feels like the stakes are higher […]

A Tribute To DMX: The Loudest Bark In Hip-Hop


Turning Fans Into Ruff Ryders Earl Simmons, widely known as DMX, had his hand on the pulse of hip-hop culture during the nineties and early 2000s. His raspy, aggressive tone combined with a surprising sense of self sparked a whole generation of “ruff ryders.” His in-your-face gangster persona garnered him attention, but what kept people […]

Tame Impala Celebrate 10 Years With Livestream Event

Tame Impala

Despite the year’s set backs, Tame Impala hasn’t left the alternative radar over the past year. This month they plan to keep things going with a special 10th anniversary livestream. Finally, A Year To Celebrate From home performances and empty soccer stadium performances to exclusive live shows, the band has surely tried to keep themselves busy. Now […]