girl in red’s Debut Album Is Finally Here

Girl in Red if i could make it go quiet

Norwegian alternative and indie-pop singer-songwriter Marie Ulven, best known as “girl in red,” just released her debut album, if i could make it go quiet, last Friday. Who is girl in red? Girl in red started gaining popularity back in 2018 thanks to her homemade bedroom pop songs. After catching the attention of people all […]

“VAX LIVE” Is Foo Fight-ing For A Safe Vaccine Rollout

Foo Fighters

Global Citizen’s “VAX LIVE” concert has a small, but mighty star studded lineup, including the one and only Foo Fighters. This Saturday, May 8, the band will be joined by the likes of Eddie Vedder and J Balvin, as well as Jennifer Lopez and H.E.R.. This spectacular event of popular music and world leaders will […]

Morray Taking Us To Church With His “Street Sermons”


Last Friday, April 30, upcoming rapper/singer Morray released his first full-length studio mixtape. Street Sermons is a drawn-out testimony of the rapper’s struggle growing up poor in the South. His topics are very much the same as almost every southern rapper out there, but Morray brings a fresh perspective. He coins a certain type of southern […]

H.E.R. Set To Perform This Weekend at VAX LIVE


Get your tickets now and tune into the VAX LIVE streaming event with one of the biggest R&B stars out right now: H.E.R. The show is this Saturday! H.E.R. Is Just One Performance Of Many! H.E.R. is best known for winning the Grammy Award for 2019’s Best R&B Performance and Album. In 2021 she won […]

Willow Smith Transcends Genres With Pop Punk Single


Last Wednesday, the alluring and alternative indie icon Willow Smith, aka WILLOW, released a pop punk single. The track highlights her diverse musical talent. Titled “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l,” the song is the real deal when it comes to punk. Finding Her Place In […]