G-Eazy Releases His New Album “These Things Happen Too”

Rapper and music producer Gerald Earl Gillum, known to the public as G-Eazy or Young Gerald, released his new album “These Things Happen Too” to close out September. The name of the album recalls his debut album “These Things Happen” In his fourth album the 32 year-old rapper, born in Tempe and raised in the […]

Morray Releases His New Single “Bad Situations”


Morray released his new single “Bad Situation” and published the official music video. Morae Ebony Ruffin, known to the public as Morray, is an American rapper and singer. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and began his music career in 2020 when Morray released his first single “Quicksand.” The single was in fact a success and […]

Unlike Pluto Teaches Us on “Everybody Is Interesting”

Unlike Pluto, American electronic-rock artist, has released his hard-hitting single, “Everybody Is Interesting.” Unlike Pluto, whose real name is Armond Arabshahi, has been releasing a plethora of music since 2018.  “Everybody Is Interesting” is a mischievous commentary on the world of “influencers” – and it hits deep. Unlike Pluto is Unconventional The determined artist releases […]