Lauren Jauregui Previews Debut Solo Project “PRELUDE” With “Colors”

Lauren Jauregui colors

Lauren Jauregui has shared the first pieces of her upcoming debut solo project, PRELUDE. “Colors” and “Intro” form part of the project, set to be released later this year. Lauren Will Premiere the PRELUDE Online Performance Tonight Tonight, Lauren is set to deliver the debut online performance of PRELUDE, Via Moment House. More information can be found […]

Måneskin Released Their New Single “Mammamia”


Last Friday, Måneskin released their new single Mammamia. The band announced the song with TikTok videos and Instagram posts only a few days before the release, leaving everyone speechless. The Instagram post and song cover represents the bassist Victoria De Angelis with a hand in her blue jeans, wearing a belt with the title of […]

JoJo Gets Vulnerable On “trying not to think about it”

JoJo releases latest album "trying not to think about it"

JoJo Searches For Meaning On “trying not to think about it” Last Friday, the R&B/pop-singer JoJo released her latest album, “trying not to think about it.” This chapter sees the vocalist transform from career-defining “Too Little Too Late” to “Dissolve,” a track about overstimulation. “Trying not to think about it” finds JoJo in a grey […]

“Mercurial World,” Magdalena Bay’s New Album

Magdalena Bay promo photo

After releasing singles and EPs for years, Magdalena Bay is now sharing their debut album, Mercurial World. The record was released on October 8th and is made of 14 tracks. In fact, their first release was a mini album, Mini Mix, Vol. 1, that contained only 7 songs. Then, the 2020 8-songs-EP A Little Rhythm […]