Julianna Joy’s New Track “BLOODRUNSOUT”

To show her face for this article "Julianna Joy's New Track "BLOODRUNSOUT"

18 year old, new artist, Julianna Joy recently released a new catchy track called “BLOODRUNSOUT” on October 22, 2021. She also dropped a music video that includes her close friends and family. Discovery Artist’s Julianna Joy’s New Track “BLOODRUNSOUT” Joy is a young musician who is new to the music industry. She has about four […]

Nick Mono Releases Track “All that You Do”

Nick Mono for Check-Out Magazine

19 year old indie artist, Nick Mono released a new bitter-sweet track, “All that You Do” on October 21, 2021. The project sounds as though Mono may have found some inspiration from an artist such as Frank Ocean. Some of the instrumental aspects sound similar to what can be heard on Ocean’s album Blonde. In […]

Beach Bunny Joins MARINA on “I Love You But I Love Me More”

Beach Bunny Joins Marina "I Love You But I Love Me More"

MARINA’s New Single Last week, MARINA released the single “I Love You But I Love Me More,” featuring the rock band Beach Bunny. Originally, the song is off her fifth studio album, “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land.” However, its re-release is a delicious surprise for longtime MARINA fans since she hardly explores outside her […]