Rita Ora Signs Record Deal With BMG

Rita Ora record deal BMG

British singer-songwriter Rita Ora announced her recent partnership with record label BMG; which allows her to have control of her masters. Rita is Excited About the New Partnership The announcement comes just as Rita parted ways with her former record label Atlantic Records. Excited about the huge news, the singer took over to Instagram to […]

Caroline Polachek Sings of an abundance of Love on “Billions”

Polachek from the "Billions" music video

Caroline Polachek feels gratitude Imbued with both mystique and heart, Caroline Polachek is an artist pointing forward when it comes to pop music.  The So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings singer is finishing up her U.S. tour of her time-stopping, debut album Pang, and is slowly releasing the breadcrumb trail to her next project.  As […]

Lyn Lapid Unveils “I Guess That Was Goodbye”

Lyn Lapid i guess that was goodbye

Rising artist Lyn Lapid released her latest single “I Guess That Was Goodbye,” arriving on the heels of “My Sunny Day.” “I Guess That Was Goodbye” is About Abrupt Farewells “I Guess That Was Goodbye” is a heartfelt ballad about life and growing up. In the song, Lyn shares the bittersweet feelings that come after […]

Featured Artist: Demxntia

Featured Artist: Demxntia

This week’s Featured Artist is 21-year-old Demxntia. From local fame in Tampa, Florida, his music-making skills are receiving more than state attention. Demxntia Artist Profile The Vietnamese-American artist is a multi-instrumentalist: he chose the piano at age four and learned guitar in middle school. There was always music in his family, and his older brothers […]

Neil Young, India Arie and more:The Spotify Accusations Explained

India Arie

Recently Neil Young began his personal – shortly supported by more artists- stance against Spotify. Who followed the lead of the artist? How has the situation developed? What are the consequences for the platform and for the singer? Neil Young’s letter “[Spotify] can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” is the the phrase that is […]

yeule Reveals an Honest Look at Pain with “Glitch Princess”

Yeule via twitter

yeule creates music with unflinching grace.  Superseding the genres of ethereal, pixel-rock, and glitch often associated with them, yeule’s style is an emotionally saturated, softly cerebral take on pop music and themselves.  Their 2019 debut album Seratonin II mixed, written, and produced solely by themselves, garnered reviews of them as one of the most stylistically […]

Maria Sanchez Unveils “Hey Love”

Maria Sanchez hey love

Budding LA soul artist Maria Sanchez has released a new track titled “Hey Love”- one of two new singles she will be releasing on My Grito Industries/Soul Tune Records. Both songs will appear on an upcoming 45” out later this Spring/Summer. “Hey Love” is the Side A. “Hey Love” Highlights a Relationship’s Battles Maria made […]