Camila Cabello Announces “Familia Welcome to the Family”

Camila Cabello don't go yet

eHispanic pop star Camilla Cabello has announced something big over Twitter. On April 7th at 7PM EST, there’ll be a live virtual concert on TikTok. The concert celebrates the release of “Familia.” This will be her third studio album. Cabello has stated that she’s already filmed the concert and can’t wait for her fans reactions.  […]

My Chemical Romance Announce New Dates For Their Reunion Tour

It’s no wonder why everyone is fighting to see these guys come back live. Emo rock legend My Chemical Romance has had a huge impact on the previous generation‘s musical influences and tastes. The versatile and stylistic vocals of Gerard Way mixed with the essential and intense riffs from Frank Iero and Ray Toro make […]

The Regrettes Drop “That’s What Makes Me Love You”

Alternative group The Regrettes just released a new single, “That’s What Makes Me Love You.” They dropped the track along with news of an upcoming album, titled Further Joy. Lydia Night Explains Frontman Lydia Night explains that the album, “summarized what it meant to be on the hamster wheel of constantly chasing happiness, but in […]