Bo Burnham Announces Vinyl Box Set Of “Inside”


Bo Burnham, the man, the myth, the skinny white legend. Last year came in, after however many years of silence and released INSIDE. One of the most vulnerable and personal pieces of artistic expression in recent history. Then after garnering multiple awards and an entire other set of outtakes with behind the scenes footage… this man said “Aye, y’know what? I’m going to release all this again… on vinyl.” So let’s get into it shall we? 



Bo Burnham and His Colorful Box Set: 

As you can see above, the release is a box set that consists of 3LPs, LP jackets, and RGB sleeves. Of course, the vinyl contains all of INSIDE and the recent INSIDE OUTTAKES, but also will have 13 new songs! On top of this, it’ll have an extensive lyric book and art card. What’s not to love? 

Bo Burnham is one of the most well-recognized and critically acclaimed comedians of the past decade. His absolutely sensational approach to comedy is unmatched and wildly creative. There’s so many fun bits and songs that have stuck with us through memes and just constant rewatching. Bo is a guy who knows exactly how to appeal to modernity while absolutely shredding it to pieces. 

Interested in buying the INSIDE Deluxe Box Set? Click here! And that’s it for today. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.



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