Caitlyn Smith Goes “High” on New Single


Country-pop singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith released her latest single “High,” after releasing the main theme for FOX’s series Monarch “The Card You Gamble.”

Caitlyn is Gaining the Recognition She Deserves

In the last couple of years, Caitlyn has started to gain more recognition within the music industry, which is awesome! She released her sophomore album Supernova in 2020, which included a total of 14 songs and a collaboration with no one else than Old Dominion on “I Can’t.” After taking a little bit of a break, she is back better than ever with already two songs out this year! In the first week of January, she released “The Card You Gamble,” which is the main theme for FOX’s new series Monarch. Now, she gave us even more new music to enjoy, with the release of “High.”

“High” Originally Appears on Miley Cyrus’ Plastic Hearts Album

“High” is a genre-bending track that combines pop, country, and even soul together into the same song. Believe it or now, the song was co-written with Jennifer Erin Decilveo and Miley Cyrus, and it actually appears on Miley Cyrus’ Plastic Hearts album. But now, Caitlyn gives the song a new rendition with her soft vocals.

“Sometimes I get a little too high. Got my mind goin’ places I don’t wanna go. Sometimes I get a little too low. And I can’t see myself through the fire and the smoke,” she sings in the chorus.

Caitlyn shares, “Self-producing has taught me so much about trusting my own compass. In the past, I’ve been guilty of looking for direction from everyone else. That’s why I decided to choose my own adventure. It has been a beautifully terrifying experience and has added a layer of vulnerability when you’re also responsible for painting the sonic landscape as an artist, in addition to writing and singing the songs.”


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