Danna Paola & David Bisbal Link Up For “Vuelve, Vuelve”


Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola joined forces with Spanish singer-songwriter David Bisbal for a new pop single. The catchy song is “Vuelve, Vuelve.”

“Vuelve, Vuelve” Commemorates Love

Mexico and Spain unite on “Vuelve, Vuelve,” the new single by Danna Paola and David Bisbal. In their first collaboration together, the duo sing about not being able to see their loved ones due to the pandemic.

The single dropped alongside an engaging music video, where both Danna and David are on opposite sides of the world (Madrid and Mexico City). After making plans to see each other, they get the news that all flights have been canceled. Time passes by, but months later they keep having the same issue due to all of the problems that the world has been facing. Luckily, we finally get a happy ending when David arrives in Mexico to see Danna, who is thrilled to see him.

Their record label described “Vuelve, Vuelve” as a song about “the yearnings of a love separated by adverse circumstances, but with the intention of sealing it forever by both parties.” It has been published as a single and it hasn’t been linked to the latest albums from either artist.

Danna and David Celebrated on Social Media

On Instagram, Danna shared the news of the collab a few days before its release. “I’m so excited to be able to share this amazing song with David Bisbal. Thank you for everything! I hope that you like it as much as we do.”

David also took over to social media to talk about the new song. “‘Vuelve, Vuelve’ with my friend Danna Paola is now available on all digital platforms! What do you think of it?”

In the chorus, Danna and David combine their voices while singing, “Vas a quedarte sin pretextos para huir. Vas a quedarte con los besos que te di. Vas a quedarte porque me quedan ganas de amarte. Porque no vale un punto y a parte cuando se trata de ti. Por eso yo te digo que vuelve, vuelve, antes que sea muy tarde.” In English, this translates to “You’re going to run out of excuses to run away. You are going to keep the kisses that I gave you. You are going to stay because I still want to love you. Because it is not worth a turn to the page when it comes to you. That’s why I tell you to come back, come back, before it’s too late.”


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