Djo is Vibin’ and a Lil Angry in “Gloom”


Last time I talked about Djo it was all about how he’s actually Joe Keery. The beautiful man that plays Steve Harrington in “Stranger Things,” yada yada. Now, I’m back ‘cause he’s back. This time with a brand new single where he shows off a bit of anger. This is “Gloom.” 



Vibin’ and Angry: 

With a name like “Gloom” I was expecting this one to be on the same wavelength as “Chateau (Feel Alright).” Something that’s a bit on the slow side and asks for help with a bad state of mind. Boy was I wrong. This one’s got a distinct anger and urgency I haven’t heard from Djo, and I’m all for it. The synthy and somewhat intrusive production is really telling of the vibe he’s going for. 

Lyrically, the song details bad things going on and looking for as many excuses to get out of something. Djo truly shows off an interesting side of gloom, with that anger showing his “normal” voice more as the song progresses. You can hear a lil more of how he sounds when he talks as he gets more and more anxious and angry. I wouldn’t consider this one as good as some of the really interesting songs from “Twenty Twenty.” However, the production quality is an indicator that whatever Djo releases next will be worth listening to at least once. 

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