December 06, 2022

Halsey Delivers “So Good”


Multi-Platinum, genre-bending artist Halsey released their latest single “So Good,” her first since the release of her last studio album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

Halsey Fought to be Able to Put “So Good” Out

Halsey is officially back! We know, it hasn’t been that long since she released her last album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power last August, but it’s always nice to get new music from great artists. 

“So Good” is a special one for Halsey. Why, you may ask? Well, they had been trying to put out this song for a very long time, and they were finally able to do so! The song and music video, directed by Alev Aydin, Halsey’s partner, beautifully reflect on love and fighting for it. 

“When you left, I bet you held her body closer. And I was hopin’ you would tell her it was over. You’re all I think about and everywhere I look. I know it’s bad, but we could be so good,” Halsey sings in the chorus.

In a series of tweets, Halsey made sure that fans knew exactly what the song was about. “Guys stop texting your exes…This song isn’t about an ex that worked out later on! It’s about the friend that was always there for me, who I realized I was in love with one day.” 

The Music Video Shows Their Love Story

The “So Good” visual showcases two cast members who take on the roles of Halsey and Aydin, and boy, do they look alike! The real Halsey and Aydin play as the directors of the music video, who are observing how their story developed right in front of their eyes. 

“The film we created for ‘So Good’ really tells the full story of the song in the way I intended,” Halsey explained. “Samsung helped us share our vision, giving us the creative freedom we needed to make something we are really proud of.”

She added, “Using the Freestyle, Alev and I were able to share a glimpse of the way that we fell in love: watching romantic films together. But this time, the Freestyle is playing real home movies from our life together. For us, this makes ‘So Good’ come to life in a really special way that we’re so excited to share with fans.”



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