Indy Yelich Releases Debut Single “Threads”


Indy Yelich, Lorde’s younger sister, has just released her first single, “Threads.”

Indy Yelich’s “Threads”

indy yelich debut song threads

At 23 years old, Indy Yelich has wowed listeners with her debut single, “Threads.” The dreamy pop song details the emotional turmoil experienced in difficult relationships.

Yelich starts the song off strong. “I would rather go to space,” she sings, “Than end up cold in your arms / I could watch you fade away / While I stay comfortably drunk.” Lyrics like “But I’m afraid that / You might let me / Rip at the threads we wove together / And that scares me” express the more self-destructive feelings of when you’re in love.

Then, Yelich sings, “Gave you all my younger days / While the lines grow on your face” that really paint a picture of the relationship dynamics she’s experienced. All these illustrative lyrics combined with breathy vocals and atmospheric music make up “Threads.”

Watch her official visualizer below!

Many listeners actually find Yelich’s sound similar to a specific singer-songwriter—Lorde. The similarity is uncanny. Also, Lorde just so happens to be her older sister.

Yelich teased “Threads” on August 30th on her Instagram. Check out the teaser video below!


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This is a huge personal accomplishment for Yelich. In an Instagram post announcing the release, Yelich shared what “Threads” means to her. She says, “This song is about the ups and downs of being in love at 23. I think of a passionate argument, waiting for a text, going to east village bars with friends in NYC, the chaos & beauty of how the night could unfold. Walking home at 1am with music blasting in your headphones and just watching the world go by.” Read her full announcement below!


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