Jonas Brothers Interactive Virtual Concert


The Jonas Brothers Partnered with Lenovo Yoga

The Jonas Brothers surely miss being on stage and performing in front of thousands of fans. The last time the group was able to perform an in-person concert was February 22 in Paris, France. They had scheduled a couple of dates to perform in Las Vegas in April. Since lockdown started before that, they had to cancel those shows.

The brothers wanted to give fans something to look forward to during the holiday season. They partnered with Lenovo Yoga to make an interactive concert experience for fans, where they could vote for what song they would like to hear next and cheer virtually.

The Perfect Setlist for a Virtual Concert

After a Lenovo Yoga commercial as an introduction, the Jonas Brothers appeared on stage ready to perform. Joe Jonas screams “Let’s start this party!” They started playing “What a man gotta do,” released in January of this year.

After the song finished, Nick Jonas asked the public what song they’d like to hear next, and invited them to use the hashtag with the song title in it. The public then chose between “When you look me in the eyes” and “Lovebug.” While they were waiting for the results, they played “Cool.” “Lovebug” ended up being the winner and was played right after.

“Burnin’ up” was next on the setlist and the brothers didn’t disappoint. They had really cool lightning effects and a full band playing along with them. When the song finished, they invited the audience to buy Feeding America’s merchandise. They confirmed that they would get one hundred percent of the proceeds.

The next songs on the setlist were “Strangers,” “S.O.S.,” “Jealous” and “Cake by the ocean.” “Jealous” is a Nick Jonas’ solo song and “Cake by the ocean” is a DNCE song, the band that Joe Jonas was a part of when the Jonas Brothers were not together.

Saying Goodbye (Twice!)

Joe Jonas proceeded to say goodbye to the fans saying “We know it’s sad, but this is our last song. Stay safe out there and see you soon.” They played “Only Human” right after and did their usual dance, getting fans excited.

After seeing petitions to play one more song, Kevin Jonas announced: “We heard you loud and clear. We’ll do one more.” They ended the concert with “Sucker,” their first single after announcing their reunion.

Before getting off the stage, they said goodbye to fans (for real this time) and said “We hope you enjoyed the Lenovo Yoga virtual concert experience. Goodnight!”




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