Kendrick Lamar Returns with “The Heart Part 5”


After what feels like an eternity, the King is back. Kendrick Lamar dropped “The Heart Part 5” on May 8th and like a zombie, I rose. After a single listen I was happy to hear him again. I understand that we got to see and hear him on his little cousin’s, Baby Keem, track “family ties.” However, it’s different to see him release a track of his own knowing that it’s leading to an album release. With no further ado, here’s “The Heart Part 5”.

The Music Video: 

Man, that was just great. Going for a simplistic 4:3 aspect ratio single shot of Kendrick rapping as his face morphs into other people. This is all thanks to South Park duo Trey Parker & Matt Stone. This deepfake tech was originally produced by their studio DEEP VOODOO. Kendrick takes the form of O.J. Simpson, Kanye West, Jussie Smollett, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, and Nipsey Hussle. Reasoning behind this is actually quite clear from the opening frame. 

“I am. All of Us.” A quote that connects the visualization by being a literal representation of figures who’ve had an impact in the culture. What community? The hood. As a determined and sometimes somber Kendrick tears up the lyrics with a desire to be cared for. Aside from this, the impact of the video is limited to that and how it connects to 

The Lyrics & Music: 

“Look what I’ve done for you”

A line that is perfectly centered around all the details. The Heart Part 5 delves into what makes the culture of the hood the way it is. He dives into gang relations, tradition, violence, and dreams. Some of which actually make it out to become beacons of hope for others who are still there. This is something that many rappers have gone on to sing or rap about in their music. However, few have the lyrical finesse of Kendrick Lamar. He has a genuine intensity when reflecting on all these things and his journey of how he got to where he is now. Rather than give you a lyrical breakdown, I think this is a case of listening for yourself and experiencing it. 

Respect and the desire to have a true impact on the garden where you find your roots is something we all desire. Kendrick Lamar has struggled with this topic for a long time. As of right now, his return is filled with the smoothest and bumpin’ melodies encapsulating his style and desire. This is, as we know of, the final album Kendrick Lamar will be releasing under his contract with Top Dawg Entertainment. It’s fitting to end it where it all began. 

I recommend this song to any rap fan, especially if you’re a K Dot fan. That’s it for now! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.




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