La Femme Releases New Single and Details of New Album, Paradigmes


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La Femme Announces New Album in April

La Femme, the Parisian psyche-pop band, announced their highly anticipated third album Paradigmes, out April 2nd. The band’s label Disque Pointu confirmed the announcement. It comes right after a new song and video, “Foutre le Bordel,” which the band describes as a punk party anthem.

For the past few months, La Femme has been teasing their new album with the singles “Paradigme,” “Cool Colorado,” and “Disconnexion.” The three videos for those songs take place in a mysterious universe with a unique aesthetic, each video parodying aspects of twentieth-century music and cultural icons.

“It’s the return of terror, all the kids sing in unison, I wanna fuck it up!” is the approximate English translation of the words chanted in the chorus of “Foutre le Bordel.”

2. Le sang de mon prochain
5. Nouvelle-Orléans
6. Pasadena
7. Lâcher de chevaux
9. Foreigner
10. Force & respect
11. Divine créature
12. Mon ami
13. Le jardin
14. Va
15. Tu t’en lasses


La Femme
Photo Credit: JF Julian

Formed in 2010, the then-unknown band went all in with the French music industry. The band lined up a DIY US tour with only $3,000 and an EP.

After playing 20 gigs around the US, La Femme returned home with immense interest from the Parisian music scene.

“So the buzz began to start. When we came back to France, it was the red carpet. Fucking DIY.” The band’s 2013 debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin won a Victoires de la Musique award (France’s equivalent to a GRAMMY), and their sophomore album Mystére received praise.

Sacha Got, and Marlon Magnée began the band. Afterward, the two found Sam Lefevre and Noé Delmas (bass and drums, respectively). Within this album of beautifully-curated electropop, you will hear everything from coldwave to yéyé, Kraftwerk to the Velvet Underground, all distilled and sequenced and psychedelicized so that it sounds uniquely La Femme.

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