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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Hosted Exhibit Of Machine Gun Kelly Memorabilia


The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame recently hosted an exhibit of Machine Gun Kelly, featuring the rock star’s memorabilia as well as a special live performance. 


Yes, MGK Day is an official day. In a proclamation by Mayor Justin Bibb of Cleveland, August 13th, is officially MGK Day in Cleveland. Choosing August 13th is no coincidence, as this was the same day of the MGK Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Exhibit. So, who exactly are we celebrating?


MGK, or Colson Baker, originally started off as a rapper in 2009. Starting off freestyling and enrolling in battles in Harlem’s Apollo’s Theatre, he would soon release mixtapes of his own. MGK’s first national single was in 2010 called “Alice in Wonderland,” and would release his debut album “Lace Up” in 2012. Both would be big hits, with “Alice in Wonderland” winning him the “Best Midwest Artist” in the 2010 Underground Music Awards and “Lace Up” would chart #4 on the Billboard Hot 100s. 


MGK would also become well known for his beef with his inspiration-turned-rival Eminem. This ongoing 4 year long feud heated up in 2018 when both MGK and Eminem would release “Rap Devil” and “Killshot” respectively, launching disses at their opponents. This feud would give MGK incredible publicity, with “Rap Devil” topping the iTunes charts. 


MGK would continue to release hit after hit, and he would eventually change his style of music through the 2020 album “Tickets to my Downfall.” This song had a pop punk style, and would define his music moving forward. Since his debut in 2010, he has released 6 studio albums, as well as won numerous MTV and Billboard awards, among them the “Top Rock Artist” and “Top Rock Album” awards from Billboard in 2020. 

Machine Gun Kelly Exhibit
Machine Gun Kelly Press Photo / Courtesy of Universal Music Group / Randy Henderson

Machine Gun Kelly’s Exhibit

To celebrate MGK Day, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame hosted a live show in Cleveland featuring MGK himself, numerous high school rock bands, and the Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra. Additionally, MGK loaned his Schecter PT Model electric guitar, his Tickets to My Downfall” outfit, his custom Cupid microphone stand, and his custom pink microphone to the Hall. These special and custom memorabilia from MGK’s career are on display in the “Right Here, Right Now” Exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

MGK Day was a complete blast and an amazing celebration of not just MGK, but the rock scene as a whole. It will be exciting to see what MGK does next, and you can check out his upcoming tours in Europe by clicking here!



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