Madison Cunningham’s New Single “Life According to Raechel”


Madison Cunningham Claire Vogel/Courtesy of the artist
Madison Cunningham
Claire Vogel

Madison Cunningham’s New Single

“Life According to Raechel” is Madison Cunningham’s newest single from her forthcoming album Revealer arriving September 9th. The track finds the Grammy nominated singer opening up about the loss of her grandmother. Cunningham was fearful in writing the song and revealed the writing process was filled with tears but uplifted by supportive friends and community. 

Lyrics In “Life According To Raechel”

The vulnerable heart-wrenching lyrics touch on Madison Cunningham’s grieving process. She reflects on the times where she was unable to answer her grandmother’s call. She was either occupied with her schedule or a stressful situation in her life, therefore she couldn’t take her call. 

“Was there something left unsaid?

Were your eyes green, were they blue?

What was it that I forgot to ask you?

Busy hands, I’ll set ’em down

To say I love you right out loud” 

In detail, Madison is wishing she could’ve been more present and she wonders if there are more things she could’ve asked or said to her grandmother. Wishing she told her grandmother she loved her and set aside what was occupying her.

In addition, the singer-songwriter knows her grandmother is sending her light in heaven, although she feels empty without her grandmother’s presence on earth. 

“I’ll bet you’rе making Heaven laugh

But it feels like tеars and memories are all we have”

What We Know About Revealer

Notably, “Life According to Raechel” as well as recent singles “In From Japan” and “Hospital” will be included on Cunningham’s album Revealer out September 9th. She collaborates with Twenty One Pilots, Tucker Martine and Tyler Chester on this project. Cunningham reveals the album is full of hard truths and confessions. Her incredible ability to tell a story and bravery in sharing her life experiences is appreciated by her her large fanbase. Songwriting has been a passion since the Los Angeles singer was fifteen. She is influenced by musicians Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. According to Madison’s site, she’s hitting the road right now opening for Mt. Joy plus some dates of her own. Check out her website: 



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