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Maggie Lindemann Unveils “you’re not special” & Announces Debut Album


Pop-punk singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann released her latest single “you’re not special,” and announced her highly-awaited debut album.

SUCKERPUNCH is Coming in September

Maggie Lindemann has slowly been winning the hearts of all pop-punk lovers. Certainly, I’m one of them! Last year, she released her debut EP PARANOIA, with hit tracks like “Crash and Burn” and “Knife Under My Pillow.” Now, she’s ready to give us a full-length album, which is what the forthcoming SUCKERPUNCH will be.

The 15-track album SUCKERPUNCH is set for release on September 16. It will include some songs that Maggie has been releasing this year, which are “how could you do this to me,” “break me!” and the newly-released “you’re not special.” Fan-favorite 2021 single “she knows it” also plays part in it. Out of the unreleased tunes that we have still yet to hear, “take me nowhere,” “self sabotage,” and “girl next door” are in the mix.

“you’re not special” is Blazing & Fiery

“You’re not special” is influenced by Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 action-thriller film Death Proof. The song talks about a guy who’s obsessed with Maggie, and doesn’t leave her alone at any time of the day, like literally. To answer to this, she raises her voice and lets him know that it doesn’t matter what he does, as she will never care about him. 

“You think you’re special to me, you think you can get under my skin. You stick your knife right through me. So dull that I don’t feel a thing. I don’t hate you, I don’t care like that. Do you kiss your mother with a mouth like that? I’m starrin’ in your movie. But you’re not that special to me,” she sings in the chorus.

“With ‘you’re not special,’ I wanted the song to make a statement,” Maggie shares. “Everyone has had to deal with someone in their lives who is two-faced-so kind to your face and mean behind your back. There’s always going to be someone judging you or hoping to see you fail, but rather than let those people get under your skin-keep doing you and pursuing your dreams. This song is an anthem for these people of Janus, maybe not the one they want, but it sure was fun to write!”

Maggie is Hosting Shows in LA & NYC

To celebrate the album release, Maggie will be playing two exclusive shows in Los Angeles and New York City in October. For more details and to get your tickets, visit https://www.maggielindemann.com/


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