Morray Releases His New Single “Bad Situations”


Morray released his new single “Bad Situation” and published the official music video.

Morae Ebony Ruffin, known to the public as Morray, is an American rapper and singer. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and began his music career in 2020 when Morray released his first single “Quicksand.” The single was in fact a success and it allowed the artist’s current media manager to discover him. In 2021 he released his debut mixtape Street Sermons.

The audience praises the Morray and his new single, “Bad Situation”

Morray released his new single, “Bad Situation” to excited fans.  They’ve been moved and compliment “Morray’s pure talent” and the beauty of his voice. The song begins with a piano, which will then accompany the song beyond the first chorus. The combination of the piano, the lyrics and the beat create a song that is both harsh and emotional.

The lyrics offers a deep meaning. “I done been in bad situations,” says the artist, singing about his past and the life he used to live. “I can only thank God for him choosing to save me. Plenty times I thought I wouldn’t make it. Life isn’t so tough now.” These are some of the verses that the rapper sings reflecting on his past and to proudly compare his current conditions with the ones he used to live.

The video shows the “Bad Situations” from which the singer has freed himself

Morray released the video of “Bad Situation” on the same date.  It begins with an image of his mother sitting at a kitchen table discussing with the man that represents the rapper in his past. In the video, the artist watches his past self from the future with emotion and pathos. The video shows the younger self staying with and helping his mum while she fights against an undefined illness. The character is trying to build himself a future while his mum approaches step by step her death. In the final scene the boy has passed a test that he was hard preparing. This scene shows the singer and the actress embodying his mum behind the shoulders of the actor. Both Morray and his mother stand behind his younger self and cry for the luck and success he finally achieved.


Morray is about to start his American tour. The 15 concerts will mainly take place in California and Texas. In addition, some dates will be in major cities including Chicago, Las Vegas and Washington DC. The tour began in September and will finish in December. Click here to look for the dates!

Listen to the song here!



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