Nigo Drops New Single With A$AP Rocky called “Arya”


From then to Now

This is Rocky’s latest feature/release since his 2018 album Testing dropped. The album features Rocky on his more experimental side. His sound has really evolved since his 2011 project LIVE.LOVE. A$AP (recently re-released on Spotify), where he drew more closely from his inspirations in New York and Southern rap. “Testing” has really grown on me as an album, since at first, I thought it was only decent. However, with Rocky’s more psychedelic approach to sound and the instrumentals, he really came out with some gems like “Purity” ft. Frank Ocean, “Changes” (My personal favorite off the album), “Fukk Sleep” ft. FKA Twigs, and of course the banger “Praise the Lord (Da shine)” ft. Skepta. While this new single feels like a new sound, it also has some resemblance to the album.  

A$AP Forever

Nigo’s ear for the production provides us with a hard-hitting psychedelic trap beat over Rocky’s smooth yet to-the-point flow. While this song is not a lyrical highlight for his career, it does not have anything out of the ordinary of a regular braggadocios A$AP banger. This confidence certainly does not go uncredited, considering him and pop icon Rihanna are considering getting engaged. The song is overall a good listen and gets me excited for new Rocky material soon. I do hope though that his new album has a different overall sound and feel to it from his last one, and with this song it is kind of hard to gauge that just yet. It also is very plausible that Nigo will be at the forefront of production for the new project.

A$AP Rocky
A$AP Rocky
New Music Coming?

This drop might be a good sign that the Harlem rapper is returning to the mainstage of rap, and certainly has fans of his excited to hear more from him. If you liked this article, check us out for more music related content.



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