“Colours Of You” by Nina Nesbitt; Beautiful & Loving


It’s not super common to find an absolutely beautiful track that is classically composed. When I say that I mean songs purely composed on piano & violin, those are extensively wonderful to my ears. I’m happy to say that I’ve found exactly that with the most recent release by Scottish artist: Nina Nesbitt. Let’s take a look at “Colours of You”. 



Nina Nesbitt is Beautifully Sweet & Loving: 

I didn’t think that someone can be both specific and general at the same time in such a heartfelt way. I mean, minus Bo Burnham’s spectacular song about how artists try to fit every kind of girl in their songs so they can think it’s about them. But I digress, this track in particular points at the little thing that makes a beloved unique. It’s accompanied by an extremely heartfelt vocal delivery by Nina Nesbitt as she expresses her love. The perfect lines to describe this song are: 


“And they might only see you in black and white

But I never do

I’m in love with the colours of you”


It’s that kind of understanding that we all want in our lives. Someone who loves you and sees you for everything you are. Nina Nesbitt does a fantastic job with this track, from the music to the lyrics. Good thing for us is that she released an album on September 2nd! So if you like what you’ve heard then make sure to keep an ear out for “Älskar”! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.



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