Patek Wakes Up In A Desert In “Penelope” Video


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The multitalented rapper, songwriter and producer Pick Patek reminisces about a former lover on his new single “Penelope.” The track features the rising artist’s melodic rapping style over a groovy house beat, produced by the rapper and Yung Wacho

Music Video For “Penelope”

Furthermore, the music video for “Penelope” allows us to watch his past relationship unfold. The setting of the video is in a desert where Pick awakens alone and confused. As he explores the desert, he discovers an old TV along with a remote and chair. He decides to turn on the TV using the remote. Then, he watches as him and his ex are displayed on the screen, cuddled up with one another and smiling. Pick tears off pedals from a yellow flower, and with each petal his ex becomes more distant and cold towards him. She is no longer happy with him and her feelings have shifted. Through the different visuals we can see the story from the rapper’s lens and feel his raw emotions of heartbreak. Undoubtedly, the video shows Pick Patek’s exceptional creativity and ability to tell a story. 


Pick Patek’s Musical Influences

Along with “Penelope,” Pick Patek will release his forthcoming new album, U CAN’T REACH ME. He dabbles in different genres creating his own artistic style. The rising artist who reigns from Philadelphia, finds inspiration in artists PinkPantheress, KayCyy, and Smino. These artists delve into rap, pop, R&B, and electronic styles in their music. Pick’s versatility can derive from his range of music taste. He heavily listens to Future and Bon Iver. He doesn’t want to be labeled or boxed in, as his style is versatile and continues to evolve.

Pick’s Love For Music

Importantly, Pick found a passion for music when he was in the 5th grade. Although he began to pursue his music dreams years later in college. He released 3 albums and a few singles and performed them at his college in Pittsburgh. As far as subject matter, Pick Patek writes about everything from relationships to religion, rapping over hip, bouncy instrumentals. 



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