Pink Sweat$ is Romantic on “Nothing Feels Better”


Pink Sweat$ is taking over the r&b game one project at a time. He recently released “Nothing Feels Better,” a stripped-back ode to being in love. The track follows on the heels of “I Feel Good”, another hit single released last month, and precludes his upcoming album, Pink Moon. Pink Sweat$ consistently demonstrates his vocal chops and lyrical skills in each of his songs – and “Nothing Feels Better” is no different.

Pink Sweat$ is a Hopeless Romantic

The Philadelphia native is a veteran lyricist and writes from the perspective of his own experiences. He wrote “Nothing Feels Better” about his fiancée, JL Bunny of the group Good Girl. With hopelessly romantic lyrics like “When the world is over, I’ll wait here for you / Through space and time, I’ll still adore you”, it’s obvious the artist is in love. Sweet lyrics, sultry falsettos, guitar ballads, and a simple r&b beat make “Nothing Feels Better” a must-listen.

An International Name

Pink Sweat$ has rapidly taken over the r&b genre since his debut album, Pink Planet, released in February 2021. Since then, the artist has collaborated with HONNE, SEVENTEEN, and Moira Dela Torre. It’s apparent that Pink Sweat$ is making his name known internationally. He’s also a featured composer on SOMI’s upcoming album, XOXO. 

“Nothing Feels Better” Ushers in a New Era

The 29-year-old artist has recently stated on social media that he is entering his “Pink Moon Era”, and it’s safe to say fans are excited. “Nothing Feels Better” represents a new and improved Pink Sweat$ – and if this single is any indication, Pink Moon will be a devastatingly romantic album.

Pink Sweat$ is both a vocal powerhouse and a lyrical genius. “Nothing Feels Better” is, of course, the perfect combination of those feats. Here at Music Daily, we cannot wait to see what his new “Pink Moon Era” will hold!


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