Swedish House Mafia & IKEA Team Up For a Collection


HY’know, if you stare at the name “Swedish House Mafia” long enough… things will begin to blur. You’ll see the correlation between the words “Swedish” and “House” to the supergroup’s origin and genre. Mafia… I mean, that’s just there for cool points. You know what else is Swedish and involves houses? IKEA! No, the title isn’t clickbait. Swedish House Mafia has teamed up with IKEA to bring everyone a furniture collection. 

Starting off with the name, the Swedish House Mafia decided to be symbolic with it. Opting for OBEGRÄNSAD, meaning “unlimited” in Swedish. The collection is for the demographic of those who want to tap into their musical creativity within limited budgets. So “unlimited creativity with limited budgets” kind of thing. Honestly, it doesn’t even look half bad. Below you’ll see images of the desk and record player the collection comes with. 




I like the sleek black look and the elevated shelves for the speakers. A couple of speakers there and this could be a swanky set up for not just musicians but video editors as well. IKEA is set to launch the collection in Fall of this year so I sadly don’t have any prices for ya. Keep an eye out for it though. 

That’s it for now. For more on your Swedish House Mafia, maybe less IKEA, and your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.  


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