Taylor Swift Sued for Copying ‘Lover’ Book Design


Taylor Swift, one of music’s biggest names, is embroiled in multiple lawsuits currently. Most recently, author Teresa La Dart filed a complaint in Tennessee federal court, alleging that Swift’s Lover booklet copied her 2010 book of the same name.

Copying Lover from 2010

Taylor released Lover in 2019, as well as a special-edition CD and booklet package. La Dart claims this booklet copies “a number of creative elements” from her self-published 2010 release. The author contends each cover uses the same “pastel pinks and blues,” both books feature the authors in a “downward pose,” and the design uses the same “interspersed photographs and writings.” La Dart’s complaint seeks over one million dollars in damages. Representatives from Taylor Swift’s team have yet to comment on the complaint.

The Complaint “Was Not Taken Lightly”

It’s important to note that the complaint can still be withdrawn. However, La Dart’s attorney, William Parks, says, “My client feels strongly about her position and the full comparison of both books side-by-side would provide a clearer view. This filing was not taken lightly.” Parks writes in the complaint that Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift Productions, Inc. did not seek a license from Teresa La Dart for her “creative design elements” nor offer compensation. Parks also contends that the success of Swift’s Lover booklet has caused La Dart to be “irreparably harmed.” 

Taylor’s Busy Year

Taylor recently announced that her next album, Midnights, releases on October 21st and features “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout [her] life.” Fans are in a frenzy as they look for clues about the album. The 32-year-old singer also won VMAs for Video of the Year, Best Long-Form Video, and Best Direction.

Though Taylor Swift has had an exciting year, she is surrounded by legal battles. Her recent declaration against alleged copyright infringement in “Shake It Off” is just one more example. Worldwide artists, however, tend to encounter these lawsuits more than others. Whatever the case may be, Swifties are ecstatic for the release of Midnights and any bundles that may come with it.


This article is intended to be used for entertainment only. It is not intended as legal advice or legal stipulation. 


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