The Chemical Brothers Reissue “Dig Your Own Hole”


Electronic band, The Chemical Brothers, will be releasing a reissue of their second studio album: “Dig Your Own Hole.” The reissue comes to us as a 25-year anniversary gift. This edition consists of a three-LP vinyl reissue, alongside that there will be CD and Digital releases as well. 

What makes this a worthwhile purchase wouldn’t just be from the perspective of collecting. The album includes all the original tracks from the initial release and will include five new tracks! First up in that handful is a demo of “Electrobank” which has also been released already on Spotify. The other tracks are unreleased recordings and remixes of established songs, like “Cylinders” and “It Doesn’t Matter.” 

Firstly, after over three decades,  The Chemical Bros band is still kickin’. Not just with this release but they’ve confirmed to be working on a follow up to 2019’s “No Geography.”  Secondly, they’ll have a slew of live appearances in festivals this summer. These festivals include “All Points East,” “Forwards” and their own show at “York’s Castle Howard.” Get your tickets for The Chemical Brothers here, and a copy of the album here.

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