The Weeknd Shows Surrealism at Its Best


Finally! The continuation to the story shared in “Out of Time” is here! With this latest video, The Weeknd keeps the surrealism going. Let’s take a look, shall we? 



The Weekend Shows Surrealism At Its Best: 

We start off this video with our “hero” waking up after the procedure we see him go under in “Out of Time,” Now with a shiny, emotionless face, The Weeknd struggles to escape. He loses an arm in the process. Except, not really. Noticing he’s got a smaller arm, that of a child’s replacing the old one he jumps out the window. Then, we have the single frame that perfectly encapsulates the metaphor before the clearly obvious visual in the end. See below. 



What follows is the destruction of the city thanks to an inflated ego. One top of this, a troublesome escape that causes The Weekend to lose more and more. The grotesque imagery and lack of censorship is perfect here to highlight just what it all means. Which brings us to…

The Weeknd and Rebirth: 

Dawn FM is probably the most interesting, well put together psychological deep dives I’ve heard from an artist of this caliber. It deals with various traumas, issues with intimacy because of said traumas and toxic upbringings. This all culminates into a dark progression as our faithful guide, voiced by Jim Carrey, lights the path to death. There’s one peculiar thing though, something shown in each of these music videos. The concept of going back and changing things. What I consider to be a variant of this would be reincarnation. 

That is on full display within the ending of this video. All the old pieces of him break away. Leaving now a boy to find his way. All this for that above image to signify his rebirth to be that of a butterfly’s. Yep. All the shock and wow factor is still really potent, especially when you consider it’s completely animated. Each frame is given such care and has a distinct purpose. 

I give this one a 10 outta 10. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections. 



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