Tove Lo Makes a Sci-Fi Movie For “No One Dies From Love” Video


Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo is kicking off a new era with her latest single “No One Dies From Love.”

Tove Lo Starts a New Era

Tove Lo just released the first single off her upcoming album. “No One Dies From Love” arrives after the singer’s track for the hit tv show Euphoria “How Long,” and her collaboration with Duran Duran on “GIVE IT ALL UP.” Nevertheless, her last album was 2020’s Sunshine Kitty.

“No One Dies From Love” is a captivating electro-pop track that is made for dancing as well as crying. Above all, it narrates the feeling of loneliness that comes right after a breakup and feeling like you’re about to die. It was co-written with longtime collaborator Ludvig Söderberg. “No one dies from love. Guess I’ll be the first. Will you remember us? Or are the memories too stained with blood now? Tove sings in the chorus.

When you’re with someone for a long time and it ends all of all sudden, it’s like a part of you has died,” Tove says. “This person is now a stranger to you. All of the memories are tainted. For the first part of the breakup; you believe you’re not supposed to feel good about anything you had together. What I believe I do best is ‘heartbreak you can dance to.’ The song is that.”

The Video For “No One Dies From Love” is a Sci-Fi Love Story

The song arrives with an eye-opening music video. Filmed in Mexico City and directed by the Brazilian duo Alaska, it tells the story of Tove falling in love with a robot. The visual shows beautiful scenes of their love story, but in the end, another robot ends up replacing her actual partner, making her ex feel devastated.

Speaking about the video, Tove reveals, “All the songs on the album are very cinematic, dramatic and grand, so for the visual story I want to attach a character to each song. For ‘No One Dies From Love’ it’s the classic vulnerable, lonely starlet looking for connection. This mini-movie is a different kind of love story.”



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