“Una direzione giusta” is a meeting of two generations


Una direziona giusta” is the latest drop of tha Supreme and his alias yungest Moonstar. The 20 year old songwriter already spoiled the title on his socials, but the guest of the track was instead unknown. Now, finally, we have that mysterious name (and also a big explanation). “Una direzione giusta” is indeed a sort of a tribute to a 2009’s massive success, “Lontano dal tuo sole” by Neffa.

Two words about Neffa

For those who don’t know, Neffa is probably one of the reasons for the birth of hip hop in Italy. His contribution as soloist, but also with the group Sangue Misto, was crucial between the ’90 and ’00. After this big underground career, he moved to pop music and made some successes still now imprinted in the country’s memory.

Una direziona giusta” is the meeting of two different generations, but also two enormous talents. tha Supreme, the 1 billion of streams rapper, chose his “favourite song ever” (and its author) for a new collaboration. The chorus, written 12 years ago by Neffa, is now sung by tha Supreme.

Icon of the new gen, he is now a certainty between the various italian singers. His style is so strange, and trust me, this is the best word for talking about him. At a first listen, tha Supreme’s music could seem a little bit distorted. But this is all about a particular research of a different melody. Slangs, mainly about gaming and other stuff, are also an important part of his lyrics.

tha Supreme’s tribute

Back to the track, Neffa and tha Supreme voices sound like two different ingredients that taste good together. “Una direzione giusta” is something that can be appreciated by all the fans. It doesn’t matter the genre. The collaboration between tha Supreme and Neffa, with their 30 years of difference, means a lot. Music can’t be relegated to schemes, because it’s always a meeting of intentions. The two artists had that, end of the story.


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