Yung Lean Craves “Bliss” With FKA twigs


Yung Lean's "Stardust" Album CoverYung Lean releases his latest album Stardust and searches for “Bliss” with the opening track, featuring FKA twigs.  The cloud rapper’s career took off in 2017 with the release of “Oreomilkshake” and the, still, viral “Ginseng Strip 2002”.  The latter of which continues to find itself in TikTok‘s cannon of popularity.  On “Bliss,” Lean searches for paradise as he feens for a feeling of ecstasy.

Yung Lean Fixes On The Pleasure Of “Bliss”

The post-punk song is a race to euphoria.  Clocking in at about 125 BPM, a hazy guitar and attacking symbol crashes create a rush.  Lean’s, quick, but mumbled flow adds to the disassociate energy of the track.  He wants more, more, more of this high.  “Need the white dress when the night, when the night falls / And you know I want it, I can’t hide it” he sings, alluding to his hunger for the rapture of love.  Twigs’ disorienting screams of “Bliss on Bliss on Bliss on Bliss” are the constant ticks from not getting your fix.  Then, her calming tone in the refrain feels like the pull of a fresh vape, creating the “Bliss” of the otherwise unstable track. “Rooms 654 meet me at the hotel” she sings.

A Cheesy Video For The Track

“Bliss” is constantly crashing its car doors into the walls closing around it with Yung Lean and FKA twigs blissfully ignorant in the back seat.  Smiling as it happens.  Then, the VHS-styled music video for the song sees Lean and twigs just married.  The two of them can’t be taken seriously in the nostalgic visual.  Twigs references Kelly Rowland’s iconic meme of texting through an Excel sheet on her phone, as Lean rolls up in a vintage car that sports hanging chandeliers on the hood.  They honeymoon around town, leaning out of the car, and feel the bliss on bliss.

Yung Lean’s sophmore album Stardust is out now.  Further, FKA twigs’ mixtape CAPRISONGS was released January this year.



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